Nikken Back Support – The Nikken Back Flex & Nikken Backbelt

Nikken FlexA perfect combination for back support, supporting both vertabrae & muscles – The Nikken Flex, magnetic pad & the Nikken backbelt.

The latest design of the Nikken back magnet – the Nikken Kenko Flex, is now equipped with Nikken DynaFlux & Nikken TriPhase technologies.  Dynaflux – a system of magnets placed at multiple Nikken Back Supportangles with opposite poles facing  each other, increases the magnetic field allowing magnetic energy to penetrate deeper into the body. TriPhase is a combination of magnetics, far-infrared & negative ions.  Far infrared provides gentle soothing by reflecting back into the body energy absorbed from body heat &  immediate surroundings, while negative Ions like those found in in forests are released from natural minerals, increasing tranquility & relaxation.

Nikken Back BeltThe Kenkotherm Nikken Backbelt, featuring far-infrared technology, is designed to complement the Nikken Back Flex Magnet. It includes a pocket to hold the  Nikken Flex pad securely for maximum comfort and support. Combined with a powerful Nikken back magnet like the Kenko Flex, with it’s contoured edges & flexible, ventilated comfort, you’re getting maximum coverage and support.

Magnetic Back Support with the Nikken Back Flex & Kenkotherm Nikken Back belt are available here.


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Nikken Magduo – The New Nikken Magboy – Magnetic Massage Balls Roller

Nikken Kenko Magduo Magnetic Massage Ball RollerNikken has recently made available the Kenko Magduo, an updated version of the Nikken Magboy, the essential Nikken massage tool, along with the Nikken MagCreator.  Nikken has improved the design by adding nodules with DynaFlux technology like that found on the Kenko Power Chips.

According to Nikken, Dynaflux “incorporates a series of magnets in polar opposition at several points. The result is the magnetic field is extended for greater penetration”.

The Nikken Magduo has more improvements over the Magboy – it also has Nikken TriPhase technology, which means there is a combination of Magnetics, Far-Infrared, & Negative Ion technology.  Materials fused into the surface produce a regular flow of negative Ions, similar to that found in the fresh air around forests & waterfalls. Ceramic reflective fibers absorb heat which reflects back waves of far infrared energy for gentle warming. The combination of these features makes the Nikken Magduo even more effective in providing relief from aches, pains, sore muscles, tension & stress.

The Magduo is available here at, your Nikken independent distributor.

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