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Consider this: {Air} • Indoor pollution has been called a leading environmental risk • Exposure to indoor pollution may be 100 times more dangerous than outside pollution. {Water} • Consumers are often forced to spend billions of dollars on bottled water to avoid bad taste and chemicals found in tap water • You might be surprised to know that most bottled water starts out as tap water. {Diet & Fitness} • Poor eating habits and lack of exercise cause 400,000 deaths annually in the US • The food supply provides fewer nutrients due to depleted soils. {Sleep} • Over 75% of Americans have difficulty getting enough sleep • Studies show that poor sleep can cause weight gain. IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. Your home is supposed to be your safe refuge – a place that protects you and your family against hostile  elements and an unfriendly environment.  It’s time to make a change. The time is now, the solution is here.

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A Nikken Wellness Home promotes your family’s well-being. It’s based on the understanding that long-term good health depends on maintaining balance in the four major aspects of living:

* Rest & Relaxation — better sleep, increased comfort, easing tension and stress
* Environment — cleaner, more healthy air and water in the home
* Nutrition — a whole-foods approach to nutrition and weight management
* Fitness — making physical activity a natural, regular part of every day

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[Toxins] Houses are full of materials that may create pollutants. Carpeting, furniture, paint, paneling, cleaning agents and cooking all can emit chemical vapors. [Allergens] Dust, pet dander, pollen and odors are typically in household air. Mold, mildew, and dust mites may be present. [Contaminants] Your household water may contain pesticides, heavy metals and sulfides. City agencies add chlorine, an oxidizing agent that can produce chloroform and hydrochloric acid. [Lifestyle Choices] Meals today are based more on convenience than on adequate nutrition. We don’t get enough sleep, and even less exercise.


We live in a world of constant stress. The pressures of a demanding workday and the need to take care of our loved ones means there’s often not enough time to eat properly, exercise regularly or just relax. Add to this the dangers of pollution and environmental hazards; it’s no wonder that our health is at risk. But that can all be changed when you choose to live in a Wellness Home. And best of all, you can transform your home easily into a Wellness Home. Encouraging your family’s good health depends on attention to four aspects of living: Rest and Relaxation, Environment, Fitness and Nutrition. These components can fit easily into your lifestyle and by balancing these four areas, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your family’s well being. Because you care about your family, you can’t afford to put them at risk any longer. The Nikken Wellness Home provides the answer.

A Wellness Home can restore balance through better sleep, air, water, physical fitness, nutrition and more. Your Wellness Home can help you improve your lifestyle through a selection of innovative products you can integrate easily into your daily routine and lifestyle.

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