Questions about the Nikken Waterfall PiMag Water Filter

I have questions about the new Waterfall product.   What is the Waterfall made from?  It looks like plastic.  How is this material safe and is there any literature on it?  Also, what precisely is the limited warranty on the product ? Thank you for answering my questions.


Hi Tina. This is Mike at and I’ll be glad to handle all of your concerns regarding the Nikken Waterfall PiMag Water Filter. Mostly your inquiries are answered on the product page here:

Click on the link to brochure 1. This document gives many of the details. There it states that

PiMag products are made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, including a polymer that does not leach chemicals into water as some plastics will.” “Materials Contained In Product: Pi material, mineral stones, recyclable polymer, ring magnet (1,200 gauss)”

So the container of the Waterfall is made of biodegradeable polymer – which is similar looking to plastic but is BPA free – no hazardous chemicals to leach into the water. You can also view the video at the top of the product page here:

In this video the following is stated: “Every part, every component is made from recyclable or renewable energy sourced materials. In addition we’ve made sure and we’ve been scrupulous that every part, particularly the wet parts cannot leach or do not ever contain chemicals that would harm you or that you’d be worried about. So there is no BPA, which is Biphenol-A. There are no phthalates, there are no mold release, everything’s clean, everything’s edible, everything’s drinkable.”

Additionally, the Nikken Waterfall is Gold Seal certified by the WQA – Water Quality Association for standards of eliminating a wide range of contaminants. Please see the recent posts with further info about this and more on the Waterfall on the following page. Here you can see for yourself the certifications as are shown on the WQA website.

Also, regarding the Warranty. As shown on the product page, there is a 1 year limited warranty. Here are more details:

General product limited warranty: “Nikken offers a limited warranty on all of its products to retail customers of Nikken Consultants. Nikken guarantees these products to be free from defects in workmanship, and each product carries its own limited warranty. Nikken Distributors handle all retail returns. If a retail customer of a Nikken Distributor receives or experiences a manufacturer defect on a product during the limited warranty period for that product, the product should be returned to Nikken for repair or replacement. Customers may return the defective product after first calling their Distributor to request and receive an RMA number. Compliance with these procedures is necessary to provide continued quality service and products to retail customers. Misuse or tampering of any products will render the limited warranty void and Nikken will not be liable for any resulting damages or injuries.”

To summarize that, you have 1 year from the purchase date whereby any manufacturer defect will be covered. Example is if there is a crack, a leak, spout is clogged, etc. Anything not functioning properly which is not a result of misuse or damage from something like the kids dropping it on the floor, then you are covered. You simply need to keep your receipt for the order #, contact us, the distributor, and request an RMA – return authorization #. You would pay for shipping the product to Nikken, and Nikken would repair or replace the product and pay for return shipping to you. This is how most warranties work.

You can order and get more info here:

If you have any additional questions contact us anytime.
Thanks, Mike
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