Nikken Vital Balance – Healthy Meal Replacement Mix

Nikken Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement Mix
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Nikken Vital Balance Healthy Meal Replacement Mix is a completely natural formulation, with a balanced blend of ingredients that maximize organic content – vegan certified. Nikken Kenzen Vital Balance Healthy Meal contains no soy, dairy, lactose gluten or GMO & has all-vegetable, organic protein along with Prebiotics and probiotics for healthy gastrointestinal system function.

As a meal replacement for managing weight, building lean muscle, for balanced nutrition or digestive health, Nikken Body Balance Healthy Meal is an excellent contribution to any daily diet.

15597   Vital Balance Meal Replacement Vanilla Mix
15596  Kenzen Vital Balance Packets (30ct) US
(serving size: 2 scoops/ meal replacements per container: 30)