The Nikken Sport Bottle PiMag water filter

Nikken water bottle filterNikken has recently come out with the new PiMag Sport Bottle water filter. The bottle is made of BPA free materials so no chemicals leach into the water as with ordinary plastic bottled water. It’s also made with biodegradeable materials which are environmentally sound. The Nikken Sport Bottle has a multi stage filter which removes chlorine and all kinds of harmful substances, while balancing the waters’ pH and adding beneficial minerals to the water. The filter technology in the Nikken Sport Bottle is currently the most advanced filtration system offered by Nikken and perhaps even on the market. Water tests have demonstrated the quality to rival that of the most expensive water systems on the market such as reverse osmosis systems costing $3000.

Here’s a description from the site.

“The PiMag Sport Bottle features a unique, patent-pending microfilter that meets or exceeds internationally recognized filtration standards. Proprietary Nikken PiMag Water Technology combines a magnetic field that helps to reduce sediment agglomeration with features that add natural minerals and adjust pH value. The Sport Bottle is environmentally responsible in many ways: the biodegradable bottle shell (containing no BPA or other potentially harmful compounds) eventually breaks down into natural soil nutrients. Filter components are replaceable, to extend the life of the bottle. The PiMag Sport Bottle is the clean, economical and intelligent alternative to commercially bottled water.”

* Economical alternative to bottled water
* Replaceable filter & drinking spout for long life use
* PiMag adds minerals / adjusts pH for acid/alkaline balance
* Alkalinity reduces oxidation/reduction potential
* Safe, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable bottle with FDA
approved food grade materials
* BPA free – no hazardous chemicals to leach into contents

Cost comparison of the Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle Filter

Let’s take a look at the cost comparison between bottled water and the Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle water filter. If you’re buying bottled water by the case, the best price is about $7 for a case of 24 x 16 ounce bottles. That’s 29 cents a bottle or $2.33 a gallon. If consuming 1 case per week then you will consume 40 gallons and spend around $90 over a 90 day period ($1 a day). With the Nikken Pimag Sport Bottle you will initially spend about $65 (including shipping) for the bottle and first filter. Each filter is good for the equal amount of 40 gallons or 90 days. So in the first 90 days you already save $25. Then once you start using the first replacement filter ($36 for 2 + 8.50 shipping = $44.50) then the price per gallon reduces dramatically. From then on your cost for 40 gallons of water per 90 day period will be only $22.25, or 24.7 cents a day compared to $1 a day. Savings per 90 days= $67.75 and per year=$274.76.

So the price benefit is obvious, and then there are other benefits. The water quality will be far greater than anything you can get in a regular plastic bottle which is not BPA free and has chemicals leaching into the water. Bottled water has been proven also to not always be what it is assumed to be. And then the amount of plastic bottles which are thrown back into the environment is greatly reduced. All in all, the Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle is a great choice – save money and live healthier.

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