Nikken PiMag Waterfall Filter Includes pH Balancing & Ionization at a Fractional Cost

Nikken waterfall pimag filterNikken has been a leader in the Wellness industry for over 30 years now and continues today in scientific research and development of new innovative products to improve the quality of life individually and globally.

Nikken’s latest innovation is the PiMag Waterfall Water Filtration System. Enhanced filtration technology in the Nikken PiMag Waterfall has earned the Water Quality Association Gold Seal and meets standards of performance in reducing certain water contaminants. The PiMag Waterfall uses the natural principle of gravity, and sells at a fraction of the price of other filtration products.

What is very unique about the PiMag Waterfall aside from filtering out a wide range of contaminants is that it also includes pH balancing and ionization to the filtered water. Beneficial minerals inside the filter help regulate acid/alkaline (pH) balance to reduce acidity. And a proprietary media process decreases oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) – or Ionizes the water.

What does that mean ? Ionization has a very scientific explanation but to put it simply, it means that the water supplies more oxygen to your body. Ionized water serves as an antioxidant, neutralizing  free radicals which are the cause of disease and ageing. And being liquid it is easily absorbed into the body which makes it a much more effective and powerful antioxidant than food supplements.

Balancing your body’s pH is essential to optimum health, and the best way to achieve a balance is by drinking Alkaline/Ionized water. Our body is composed of 60-70% water. The the most effective way to balance our pH is by consuming water which is pH balanced.

The Nikken Waterfall delivers clean pH balanced/Ionized water for a fraction of the cost. The best selling water Ionizer units by companies like Kangen & Jupiter start at around $1200. The Nikken Waterfall costs $374 + tax & shipping (about $400 total). And it produces water at 8 cents a gallon.

In comparison the initial cost of the Nikken PiMag Waterfall may seem like more than some of the popular sink mounted filters by companies like Pur or Brita. These systems also use charcoal filtration, as does the Waterfall, however they do not adjust pH balance or ionize the water. The water from these filters, although free of certain contaminants, can remain acidic.  Here is one consumers’ experience:

“I just bought a pack of pH strips the other day and decided to test my tap water. I had just finished filling my PUR Ultimate filter water dispenser and decided to test the water from that, too. My tap water tested 6.5 – slightly acidic, but not too bad. Then I tested the filtered water, and it came out at 5.5 – more acidic than my tap water! What a shock! I had been drinking the filtered water thinking I was doing myself a favor. I repeated the test two more times over the next couple days just to be sure, and the results were the same. I emailed the PUR company and asked why the filtered water was more acidic than my tap water, and received the following response:

“Water that is filtered through our filtration system will slightly elevate the pH level in the water due to the filtration process that takes part within the filter. The exact amount is dependent upon the current pH level in your water. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks again for getting in touch.”

The reason filtered water is more acidic is that the minerals in water contribute to the alkalinity of water, so when they are filtered out (or water is distilled) the minerals are taken out and the pH drops. So The inexpensive faucet filters produce filtered water at 12 cents a gallon, do not balance pH or ionize the water, and because beneficial minerals are removed from the water without being added back, the water can actually remain acidic.

In comparing the Nikken Waterfall with inexpensive faucet filters as well as very expensive high end water ionization systems, the Nikken Waterfall filters a wide range of contaminants from the water, balances the pH, and ionizes your tap water all for a fraction of the cost of high end ionizers.

The Nikken Waterfall PiMag filter is available here:
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