Nikken PiMag Waterfall coming – Aqua Pour on Sale for $179

Nikken PiMag water filter closeout saleThe Nikken Aqua Pour water filter is currently on sale for $179 while supplies last. To get this price please call us as it is not available online

Nikken will be releasing an updated model of the countertop water filter called the Nikken waterfall. This new model has some improvements in filtration and is made more easily to fit on a counter under cabinets.

Nikken generally gives support to discontinued products for 5 years. So even though the Aqua Pour is being discontinued, there will still be replacement parts / filter replacements, etc., available for some years. With the savings off the regular price, you could even invest right off in backup supplies – a bag of mineral stones, 2 or 3 cartridges and a sponge, and you’ll be set for 2 years. Remember the Aqua Pour, at an average cost per gallon of 8 cents, actually saves you money when compared to bottled water and disposable filters.

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