Nikken PiMag Waterfall Creates Alkaline Water

Nikken waterfall pimag filterThe new Nikken Waterfall PiMag Filter is designed to balance water to the optimum pH level for your health. Today health advocates have become increasingly aware of the high acidity in most people’s diet, including beverages and water. High acidity is frequently attributed to causing disease and obesity. We want to avoid acidity and be alkaline. Consuming sufficient amounts of pure alkaline water can greatly help to increase your body’s alkalinity to the ideal range (7.0-7.4). Aditionally, balancing your pH generally means consuming more fresh greens.

One can test one’s own pH level at home with testing pH paper (Litmus paper). The paper is tested with either urine or saliva. This can be done for oneself just to get some idea of where you’re at, but even without doing so, it’s usually safe to assume that you could increase your alkalinity. Most people will find their pH to be acidic as today’s lifestyle and food choices generally lead to acidity. The consumption of fast foods, processed foods, soft drinks, and even bottled water all attribute to high acidity.

The acidity of any liquid, namely beverages and bottled water can also be easily tested at home with a pH test kit. Red drops are put in any liquid and the liquid turns yellowish when acidic and pinkish when alkaline.

When tested against other leading brands of bottled water, the Nikken Waterfall PiMag water came out perfectly alkaline, whereas most or all the others tested acidic. Bottled water is usually no better than tap water, and has BPA, or harmful chemicals which leach from the plastic bottle into the water. For the price and water quality, the Nikken Waterfall shows to be an ideal solution for getting affordable, regular supplies of clean alkaline water in any home or office.

The Nikken Waterfall PiMag Water Countertop Gravity Water Filtration system is available here at

Here is a video of Rick Murphy demonstrating the pH test with the Nikken Waterfall and leading name brand bottled waters.

The Nikken Waterfall PiMag Water Countertop Gravity Water Filtration system is available here at



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