Nikken Magsteps Magnetic Insoles

Nikken Magsteps

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When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you’re on your toes all day, thanks to Nikken magnetic insoles.

The original Nikken Magsteps® were introduced in 1975 — the company’s first product. The textured surface was inspired by the pebbles found underfoot in Japanese public baths, known to produce a stimulating and energizing sensation. In the insoles, this was combined with magnetic technology, another ancient principle. Today Nikken Magsteps are in shoes all over the world.

Magsteps are the absolute best insoles on the market today! Featuring Nikken exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology and durable, reinforced construction, they are designed with strategically shaped and placed nodules to provide your entire body with the benefits of an energizing foot massage.

2020   Small sizes 5-9                  
2021   Medium sizes 7-12           
2022   Large sizes 13-18