Nikken Wellness Home & Nikken Magnets Presentation

Nikken wellness home products presented by Nikken consultant. Nikken magnetics and far infarred products are discussed. Nikken magnets are used for pain relief, relaxation and many other benefits. Nikken Far Infrared wraps are often used in combination with the magnets.

Magnetic Support:    Magsteps            Nikken Magnetic Jewelry             Kenko PowerBand Neck     Kenko PowerBand Wrist     KenkoSeat II     Nikken Back Flex    Magduo Magboy     Mag Creator     Nikken Power Chip    Nikken Biaxial PowerMag

FarInfrared Wraps, Socks & Skin CreamNikken Wraps  Kenkotherm Knee Wrap     Kenkotherm Ankle Wrap    Kenkotherm Back Belt   Elbow Wrap    Wrist Wrap

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