How Nikken Magnets Help Improve Your Sleep

A clinical study on PubMed shows how a magnetic pillow, a magnetic bracelet and magnetic insoles help people suffering with insomnia to improve their ability to sleep. See the article on PubMed here.

The study uses the Nikken Magnetic Pillow and shows how it helps people to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Even better results are shown with the use of Nikken Magsteps (magnetic insoles) and the TriPhase magnetic bracelet.

Since the study was conducted an improved version of the magnetic pillow has become available, the Nikken Naturest pillow. These results show how effective a Nikken magnetic mattress or Magnetic Sleep System can be.

Click here for the full study

Here’s links to the current versions of the products used in the study:

Naturest Magnetic Pillow
Magsteps Magnetic Insoles
PowerBand TriPhase Bracelet

Have you tried any of the Nikken magnetic products ? Please share your experience below.

Mike Stabile

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