Nikken Magduo – The New Nikken Magboy – Magnetic Massage Balls Roller

Nikken has recently made available the Kenko Magduo, an updated version of the Nikken Magboy, the essential Nikken massage tool, along with the Nikken MagCreator.  Nikken has improved the design by adding nodules with DynaFlux technology like that found on the Kenko Power Chips.

According to Nikken, Dynaflux “incorporates a series of magnets in polar opposition at several points. The result is the magnetic field is extended for greater penetration”.

The Nikken Magduo has more improvements over the Magboy.  Ceramic reflective fibers absorb heat which reflects back waves of energy for gentle warming. The combination of these features makes the Nikken Magduo even more effective in providing relief.

The Magduo is available here at, your Nikken independent distributor.

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