Relieve Sore Muscles With Nikken Magduo Magboy

Nikken Magboy MagduoThe Nikken Magduo, previously known as the Nikken Magboy, is easily portable, employs principles derived from nature and is a quick, effective means of relievingsoreness, stress or fatigue. In minutes, this compact pair of massaging spheres can soothe aches, reduce tension, reenergize. Massage is known to provide relief for sore muscles, tension and discomfort. It’s also a non-invasive solution with no side effects and no downside. The MagDuo combines massaging action with NikkenTriPhase ® Technology, for an enhanced relaxation experience.

The MagDuo features DynaFlux™ Magnetic Technology, the patent-pending design exclusive to Nikken. DynaFlux incorporates a series of magnets at varying gauss strengths between 800 and1000. These are encased within a structure that places them in polar opposition at several points. The result is that the magnetic field is intensified, for greater depth of penetration.

Compressible massage nodules (held in place by natural magnetic resistance) on the Nikken Magboy MagDuo allow for movement of these components, so that opposing surfaces change position relative to each other as the MagDuo is rolled. This produces a dynamic, constantly shifting magnetic field, using static magnets and without requiring powered moving parts. No othertechnology can duplicate this effect.

Special materials fused into the surface of the MagDuo produce a stream of airborne negative ions. This Negative-Ion Technology replicates the refreshing, invigorating air found in forests and near waterfalls. Ceramic-reflective fibers in the MagDuo absorb energy from ambient sources such as body temperature or sunlight and then reflect this energy in far-infrared waves for gentle warming. Nikken Far-Infrared Technology is selective in that it releases wavelengths only in the far-infrared range.
Available here – The Nikken Magboy Magduo.

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