Nikken Magboy and the Emotion Code

nikken magboy magnetA book by Dr. Bradley Nelson called The Emotion Code explains how magnets can be used to release “trapped emotions”, or the emotional baggage which creates unhappiness in our lives.  These emotions, according to Dr. Bradley, are negative thoughts and feelings which have become embedded in our subconsciousness during times of suffering and trauma in our lives, and can originate from all the way back to childhood or even from within the womb.

Dr. Bradley’s holistic system of well being takes into account the connection of body, mind and soul, showing how spiritual and emotional disharmony  can manifest outwardly in physical pains and illnesses. The Emotion Code book offers many of Dr. Bradley’s experiences with people recovering from a wide range of ailments after releasing trapped emotions with the use of magnets, particularly the Nikken Magboy.

The way it works is you use muscle testing, or kinesiology to diagnose what is causing any particular health issue. The muscle testing technique is pretty simple and the procedure is explained in the book. Anyone can do it themselves. Many people are learning the technique and helping themselves and others to make dramatic improvements in their lives.

Once the problem is diagnosed through muscle testing, the magnet is used over the effected area of the body in order to free up blocked energy while one focuses on the emotional experience at the root of the problem.  In dealing with subtle energy and the subconsciousness this method is similar to other self improvement and self help techniques such as hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping). Some people who practice various healing modalities combine these methods for very effective results.

Personally, I purchased The Emotion Code book and read it. It is a fascinating book and concept. The book has many testimonies online of people who have successfully applied the technique. The technique is fairly simple and I believe anyone with enough interest to apply the technique can see some benefit. I did try the technique myself but only once so far and I can see it is something that will take some practice in tuning in to the subtle energies involved in doing the muscle testing. I didn’t have any real health issues at hand at the time. But if you’re someone who has issues or is really interested in healing methods, then The Emotion Code is highly recommended by many testimonies. And the Nikken Magboy magnet is available here. On this page there are also very interesting videos with Dr. Bradley presenting the Emotion Code. Enjoy!

Have you had any experience with the Emotion Code ? Please leave your comment.

Thank you,
Mike Stabile
Nikken wellness consultant



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