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Nikken Kenko Pad - Nikken Magnetic PadThe Nikken Kenkoseat is a magnetic pad with far infrared technology. It is ideal for home, office or in the car. It combines the same technologies contained in the Nikken Magnetic Sleep System. In fact it works just as well for sleeping also. People with sleep issues, back problems, etc., can improve the quality of their rest and relaxation with this comfortable, versatile & portable magnetic pad.

Kenko Pet pad magnetic pet padIf you have yet to experience sleeping on the Nikken Magnetic Sleep System, and would like to preview the benefits before buying the whole system, you may consider starting with a Kenkoseat. Another option is the Kenko Petpad. The Petpad is actually the same magnetic pad in another form. The KenkoSeat is size 18″ x 42″ and is designed to fold so it can be easily placed on a seat. The Kenko Petpad is size 48″ x 30″ and is ideal for pets, but not limited to pet use only.  It contains the same magnetic and far infrared technology and can also be used for people to sleep, rest and relax on. You will find the same comfort and therapeutic benefits of the Magnetic mattress topper and Kenkoseat, just in a different size.

Whether it’s relief from stress, aches and pains, or just looking for better rest & relaxation, either the Nikken Kenkoseat or Kenko Petpad can both do the job depending on the size you prefer.

The Nikken Kenkoseat is available here:
The Nikken Petpad is available here:


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