Nikken Kenko Flex – Back Flex – Back Magnet Pad – User Testimonies

Nikken Flex - Magnetic Back PadThe Nikken Kenko Flex, or Back Flex is a magnetic pad which can be placed on the body for pain relief. It is ideal for lower back pain, & can be held in place wearing a belt. It is also ideal for sleeping on. Here are some experiences of users.

“I had been dealing with increasing pain in my back, hip and foot. Found out it was due to a birth defect in my back. A defect that I share with my father, brother and grandfather. The doctors have not been able to help any of us. Adjustments don’t work. They only offer medication and tolerance. I tried a Kenko Flex and the pain left within 3 hours. If I forget to wear it the pain comes back again within 2 days. I know the magnet is working! The Magsteps took away the pain in my foot. And sleeping on the Kenko Pad takes care of my hip. I love these products!!”

“I would just like to say again how wonderful the Kenko Flex pad has been for me. The other day I was on my feet all after- noon and my lower back was feeling like I had a large knife sticking into it. I realized that I had failed to wear the Kenko Flex. After putting it on, I had relief from the discomfort in just minutes.”

The Nikken Back Flex is available here:

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