Nikken Insoles – mStrides Magnetic Insoles


Latest Technology in Nikken Insoles

Nikken mStrides are the latest advancement in Nikken insoles.  DynaFlux technology delivers greater magnetic coverage – 100% coverage. The design incorporates nodules with opposing magnetic fields that produce a gentle massaging effect as you walk. DynaFlux is an upgrade from the original insoles design – the Magsteps.


The TriPhase technology offers a combination of magnetics, far-infrared and negative ions for complete comfort. The mStrides are ventilated and resistant to moisture and odor.

Foot Health

Many persons who are on their feet alot have benefited greatly by wearing Nikken insoles. Magnetic insoles are believed to increase blood circulation and thereby improve conditions such as numbness. The mStrides can be trimmed to fit in your shoes.  See the video below for a demonstration of how the magnetic force inside the insoles creates a massaging effect.

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