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jade-greenzymes-jar-bottleRecently, by the recommendation of some friends who had their health transformed, I  went to a doctor who does what’s called a live blood analysis. This is something known as an alternative healthcare practice because it is not practiced by mainstream doctors. In fact some mainstream medical practitioners consider it to be a bogus practice. However, what I have discovered is that live blood analysis is in fact a very scientific, genuine and effective means of actually seeing a picture of your body’s living biology. And a practitioner who is knowledgeable in the science can very accurately diagnose your state of health in many ways including not only the quality of your blood, but digestive condition, immune system and even mental health.

The way it works is you just get a quick pin prick on your finger. A drop of blood is put on a slide, put under a special type of microscope and the image is projected onto a monitor so the doctor can show you exactly what is happening. You will be amazed by what you see there, along with the blood cells there are various types of organisms and all kinds of things moving around.

The specialist can tell here what are causes of disease, allergies and various conditions. What I discovered in my case was that my digestion was working poorly and creating a proliferation of toxic substances in my system.  According to the doctor this condition is common for many people because of poor eating habits and especially a lack of enzymes. Enzymes are the substances which enable our foodstuffs to be properly broken down and assimilated.

What many of us are not aware of, including myself until recently, is that one, our body produces less digestive enzymes as we get older, and also that cooked food is practically void of all digestive enzymes because they are destroyed by heat in the cooking process. So one thing we can do is eat alot more of raw foods which are much higher in enzyme content. And the next thing we can do, as we all love cooked foods, is to supplement our intake with natural digestive aids. It so happens that this doctor recommended foremost the Nikken Jade Greenzymes as the perfect food which is convenient to take and loaded with benefits.

Top healers and nutritionists today such as Dr. Richard Shulze strongly advise that we consume at least 1 quart of freshly squeezed vegetable juices daily. The amount of nutrition we get from refrigerated/cooked foods which have often come out of depleted soils is very low. So juicing is one way to get the natural dose of nutrition we require. Juicing can be a bit of a project though and doing it every day is not practical for many of us. So what’s just as good ? – Greenzymesyoung organic Barley grass juice extract, which is dehydrated in a process which locks in all the enzymes and nutrition, and then sealed in a convenient pack of powder ready to mix. One serving of Greenzymes daily will cover you and more for all the greens and other good things we should eat daily but often do not.

Now, by the doctor’s recommendation, after doing a fast from grains, sweets and carbs to kill of excess growth of yeast, then doing a herbal colon cleanse, and now taking probiotics and Nikken Greenzymes I am feeling an amazing increase in vitality and wellness.

If you’re interested in a live blood analysis, this doctor works in Florida, his name is Maurice and can be contacted at phone: 813 220 4533 (work mobile)

And if you’d like to get some Greenzymes, they’re right here.

Did you know that cooked food has practically no enzymes and that without a digestive enzyme supplement it taxes our body ? I didn’t even know until recently.

Be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise
Mike Stabile

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