Nikken Back Support – The Nikken Back Flex & Nikken Backbelt

Nikken FlexA perfect combination for back support, supporting both vertabrae & muscles – The Nikken Flex, magnetic pad & the Nikken backbelt.

The latest design of the Nikken back magnet – the Nikken Kenko Flex, is now equipped with Nikken DynaFlux & Nikken TriPhase technologies.  Dynaflux – a system of magnets placed at multiple Nikken Back Supportangles with opposite poles facing  each other, increases the magnetic field allowing magnetic energy to penetrate deeper into the body. TriPhase is a combination of magnetics, far-infrared & negative ions.  Far infrared provides gentle soothing by reflecting back into the body energy absorbed from body heat &  immediate surroundings, while negative Ions like those found in in forests are released from natural minerals, increasing tranquility & relaxation.

Nikken Back BeltThe Kenkotherm Nikken Backbelt, featuring far-infrared technology, is designed to complement the Nikken Back Flex Magnet. It includes a pocket to hold the  Nikken Flex pad securely for maximum comfort and support. Combined with a powerful Nikken back magnet like the Kenko Flex, with it’s contoured edges & flexible, ventilated comfort, you’re getting maximum coverage and support.

Magnetic Back Support with the Nikken Back Flex & Kenkotherm Nikken Back belt are available here.


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