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KenkoTherm® Wraps include Far-Infrared Technology for temperature regulation. In a soft, comfortable knit blend, they support and stretch for ease of movement. The Nikken back belt also holds a backflex pad, available separately.

18221  Back Belt Medium up to 37″ waist
18321  Back Belt Large up to 43″ waist
18421  Back Belt XL up to 48.5″ waist

video: Nikken Wraps
video: Far-Infrared Demo: Effect On Body Ph
video: Far-Infrared Demo: Instant Thermal Reaction
video: FOX TV News: Pain Relief & Magnetic Energy

The backbelt has a sleeve for inserting a back flex magnetic pad available here:

Featured Nikken Technology: Nikken Far-Infrared Technology
Warranty Information: 6-year limited warranty

* Complete Info: Magnetics & Far-Infrared *

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