Nikken Aquapour Water Filter Removes Chlorine

PiMag Aquapour gravity water filter

The Nikken Aquapour water filter and all Nikken PiMag water filters remove many unwanted substances from tap water, or any water you put in whether it be rain water or well water, etc. One substance highly present in any city tap water is chlorine. Chlorine is added into the water system in order to dilute other contaminants, but it may not be any less harmful itself. When water is heated Chlorine becomes even more poisonous.

Several months after replacing my main filter on my Aquapour, I was curious to see how effective the filter was in continually removing the chlorine. One of the first things I learned about as a Nikken consultant is how to exhibit the effectiveness of the Nikken filter in removing Chlorine. This is very easy to do with something you can purchase for a few dollars at Home Depot called “OTO”. It’s a clear liquid you can get in a small bottle in the pool area. Generally it’s used to test Chlorine levels in pool water. But it works just as well in testing your drinking water.

Simply take a sample glass of water from your tap. And if you have a Nikken PiMag Water System you can take a sample glass full (about 2 cups) from that also. Now just add a a few drops of the OTO in each glass. If Chlorine is present it will react with the OTO and the water will turn yellow. In my case the tap water turned quite yellow, as expected, and the PiMag water from the Nikken Aquapour Water Filter remained crystal clear, even after several months of the cartridge’ usage.

The main filter cartridge on the AquaPour lasts for 6 months or 528 gallons, whichever comes first and costs only $25 for a replacement. The Nikken PiMag Aquapour water system is highly effective both in terms of water quality and cost.

Are you aware of the Chlorine levels in your drinking water ? Or how about in your bath water ? Did you know that Chlorine is also absorbed into the pours of the skin ? – especially when the shower is with hot water.  The Nikken shower filter solves this problem as well.

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