Discount on Nikken Magnetic Mattress & Sleep System

The Nikken Sleep System, with Nikken Magnetics, Far Infrared and Negative Ion technologies, offers a great way to sleep soundly every night. With the Vital Sleep Pack you get the Nikken magnetic mattress topper, magnetic pillow, and magnetic comforter.

The Nikken Magnetic Mattress Pad , pillow, or comforter can be purchased separately or as part of the complete Nikken Sleep System, or Vital Sleep Pack. Nikken is now offering a coupon for 40% discount on any size sleep pack when you purchase either a Vital Day Pack or Vital Environment Pack.

If you’re interested in the Nikken Vital Sleep Pack you can save on the purchase of the sleep pack and also be getting a whole bunch of other Nikken products for your home for free. You can find out the details here:

40% Discount on Nikken Vital Sleep Pack

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